Highland Park High School

Client Name: School District 113: Highland Park High School

Project Type: The Township High School District 113 Deerfield & Highland Park High Schools roofing removal and replacement and masonry restoration project is unique both in its size of scope of work, construction cost and diversity of existing construction elements.  The construction work entailed 15 trades, working as a team to achieve end results that are truly sustainable.

Highland Park High School:  Masonry restoration consisted of tuckpointing, coping stone removal to install new stainless steel through wall flashing systems, and cutting in of new expansion joints.  All 121,660 square feet of roofing at Deerfield High School replaced in this project is low slope.  The existing roofing was composed of numerous layers of coal tar pitch and gravel, insulation and light weight concrete, averaging over 14” in thickness.  The roofs were cluttered with large roof top units, numerous conduits and refrigerant piping, duct work and IT cabling.  Pipe fitters, HVAC technicians, control wiring experts, duct workers and electricians were needed to disconnect all the equipment and reinstall following the roofing in a much more arranged and workable manner.  All roof curbs and HVAC ducts were raised.  The new roof system design incorporated a vapor barrier, thermal insulation, cover board and a fully adhered 60 mil EPDM system similar to that of Highland Park High School.  Following the new roof installations, new prefinished aluminum fascias, coping and counterflashing were installed on both schools.

  • Project Size:
    Deerfield High School:  ± 121,660 SF
    Highland Park High School:  ± 64,450 SF
  • Project Cost:
    Roofing Removal and Replacement:
    Masonry Restoration:  $895,000.00
  • Project Length:
  • Deck Type:
    Concrete, Wood, Metal & Gypsum
  • Roofing System:
    Low Slope:  Fully Adhered & Ballasted EPDM
    Steep Slope:  Asphalt Shingle
  • Insulation:
    Polyisocyanurate with coverboard;
    R30 average